2018: The First International Workshop on AI & Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned with computing technologies that allow machines to see, hear, talk, think, learn, and solve problems. Deep learning is a new field of machine learning research, to design models and learning algorithms for deep neural networks. Due to the ability of learning from big data and the superior representation and prediction performance, deep learning has gained great successes in various applications of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence The aim of this workshop is to gather latest research breakthroughs in the area of AI & Deep Learning, especially for its applications in social networks, smart cities, power distribution systems, intelligent public transport services, and health technologies. This workshop will provide a forum for presenting and discussing the most recent advances in different aspects of AI & Deep Learning. The workshop aims to gather leading researchers from academics and industry to present their research achievements and share their experiences in developing/deploying AI & Deep Learning. 2018 AI-learning workshop is co-hosted with CyberC 2018. Authors are invited to submit original technical papers covering but not limited to the topics of interest listed below:

    Machine and deep learning
    Semantic and cognitive aspects in different industries
    Innovative operations using artificial intelligence
    Behaviour and activity generation
    Data generation and validation
    Dialogue modeling and generation
    Data fusion and representation
    System components of intelligent platforms for industries
    Advanced artificial intelligence methods
    Smart classification algorithms
    Smart data mining for big data
    Smart pattern recognition systems for clinical biomedical signals
    Cognitive computing for smart machine
    Decision making and reasoning
    Modeling practices using deep learning
    Social networks and social contagion on networks
    Human – computer interaction
    Agent based modeling
    Human-machine interactive systems
    Cognitive architectures
    Intelligent data analysis system
    Cognitive recommender systems
    Big data analytics
    Deep learning for video text analysis
    Deep learning for character and text recognition in video
    Deep learning for scene text detection and recognition
    Deep learning for graphics and symbol recognition in video
    Video categorization based on text, etc.


Paper Submission Web: Click here or go to by selecting " 2018 AI " by a name of 2018 International Workshop on AI & Deep Learning.

Electronic submission to with title of "2018 AI Submission" is also accepted.


Accepted and presented papers will be included in CyberC 2018 Proceeding.

Workshop Chair

Guangxia Xu - The Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Workshop Co-Chairs

Houqun Yang - Hainan University, China
Zhiyong Zhang - Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Workshop Secretaries

Jun Liu - Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China