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  CyberC 2009: International Conference on Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery
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In the last decade, network-enabled distributed computing and knowledge discovery technologies have received extensive attention in   both the academia and industry due to explosive growth of computer and network systems. Various hardware and software designs, algorithms, protocols, simulation approaches, test-beds, and implementations are being developed for distributed computing in an interconnected and distributed network environme.

CyberC 2009 aims to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of innovative ideas, research results, applications, and experiences from around the world as well as highlight activities in the related areas. The conference focuses on all aspects of distributed computing and knowledge mining and their scientific, engineering, and commercial applications.

Outstanding papers will be published in the journal of Information Systems Frontiers. The invitations of journal extension will be sent out by the end of October 2009 and the targeted special issue will be published by 2010.

The topics of interests include, but not limited to:

Data Mining and Information Discovery

  • Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
  • Data streaming, multimedia, stream, or web mining
  • Information discovery in data Mining
  • Data mining applications for bioinformations and biometrics
  • Parallel and distributed system or software architectures
  • Database applications and data mining
  • Security and information assurance in data mining

Parallel and Distributed Computing

  • Parallel and distributed algorithms
  • Resource allocation, load-balance, and management in distributed computing
  • Grid and cluster computing
  • Clouding computing
  • Web services and internet computing
  • Distributed systems and applications
  • Pervasive/ubiquitous computing and intelligence
  • Biological/molecular computing

Mobile and Internet Computing

  • Wireless ad hoc networks, wireless mesh networks,
  • Wireless embedded systems
  • Future generation communications for 4G or beyond
  • Peer-to-peer network computing
  • Mobile IP and Internet technology
  • Security in Mobile Wireless Networks
  • Wireless Network Simulations

Performance and Tools in Distributed Computing

  • Performance evaluation, measurement and Optimization
  • Tools, test-bed, simulations, and environments
  • Collaborative and cooperative environments
  • Autonomic, reliability and fault-tolerance
  • Authentication, Trust, privacy and other security issues


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