• Data Mining and Information Discovery
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Mobile and Internet Computing
  • Grid &Cloud Computing and Escience
  • Performance and Tools in Distributed Computing

CyberC 2010 Best and Honorable Paper.

The CyberC 2010 best paper, mentionable paper, and best student paper are:
•    Yangjun Chen and Donovan Cooke, “Unordered Tree Matching and Strict Unordered Tree Matching: the Evaluation of Tree Pattern Queries,” Proceeding of CyberC 2010.
•    Jinbao Li and Desheng Zhang, “M&M: a Multi-Channel MAC Protocol with Multiple Channel Reservation for Wireless Sensor Networks,” Proceeding of of CyberC 2010.
•    BaiJun Wu, Feng Lin, and JiLiu Zhou “Adaptive Routing in Delay-Tolerant Mobile Sensor Network,” Proceeding of CyberC 2010.
Congratulations! The first authors of these papers are from the University of Winnipeg, Heilongjiang University, and Sichuan University.