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About CyberC


CyberC (International Conference on Cyber-enabled distributed computing and knowledge discovery) is an international conference on cyber-enabled technology. It spans through cyber-enabled data mining and knowledge discovery, distributed and parallel computing, cyber security, cloud computing, pervasive computing, mobile computing, Internet, wireless networks, cognitive systems, cyber information process, information discovery, e-health via cyber network, e-science, web technology, and network performance and tools.CyberCoffers a forum for presentation and discussion of innovative ideas, research results, applications, and experience for network-enabled distributed computing and knowledge discovery technologies. 

CyberC explored Zhangjiajie, Huashan, and Beijing and will goes to Sanya in 2012. CyberC 2009 received 169 submissions from 15 different countries. It has finally selected 46 full papers with the acceptance rate of 27%. CyberC 2009 has also accepted 25 short papers, resulting total 71 papers. One best paper and two honorable mention papers were awarded to authors of three papers.  

CyberC 2010 had received total 297 submissions from 15 different countries. After a rigorous review process from 300+ external reviewers and each paper was at least reviewed by two international experts, 63 full papers were finally selected with the acceptance rate of 21%. One best regular paper, one best student paper, and one honorable mention paper were awarded to authors of three papers. In addition, outstanding papers were again recommended for a special issue on the International Journal of Information Technology, Communications and Convergence (IJITCC). CyberC 2010 also has accepted 35 short papers, resulting in total of 98 papers.

CyberC 2011 is successfully holed at Beijing, China. It attracted total 340+ submissions. The submissions are carefully reviewed by the program committee members and 250+ external expertise reviewers. We are grateful for their supports and dedications for these external reviewers for helping in the success of CyberC 2011. 81 full papers were finally selected with a very competitive acceptance rate of 24%. In addition, CyberC has accepted 25 high-quality short papers recommended by reviewers, resulting in totally 100+ papers in the conference.CyberC 2011 selected one best regular paper and one best student paper. CyberC 2011 further publishes a special issue at Future Generation Computer System (FGCS) that is an Elsevier journal, having Impact Factor (IF) of 2.229.

The success of CyberC is the collaborative efforts from many individuals, companies, universities, and organizations.CyberC is greatly supported by AT&T in USA, Tech Mahindra in India, Huawei in China, Microsoft in USA, and InfoBeyond in USA. CyberC thanks for many voluntaries. We sincerely express our appreciation to Mr. Hailun Liu for his works at the conference. Mr. Jiahu Mao had tremendous efforts for Web and System Management. Syed Nasir Shah Gillani has opened CyberC Facebook. In addition, Debbie recently opened the Weibo for Chinese authors. Thanks all voluntaries for their outstanding leaderships.