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Online Submission Web: by selecting "CyberC 2014”.

Email Submission to with title of "CyberC 2014 Submission".
How to Submit: We highly encourage you to use online submission by selecting “CyberC2014”. If you don't have account in, you need to create an account in the edas system before paper submission. Edas allows you and us to easily communicate during submission, reviewing, and notifications. 
If you have trouble in using the edas based Web submission, you can also submit your paper to But please do not submit both ways.
How to Prepare: Manuscripts should present the current research in the areas identified in the call for papers. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by experts in the fields and will be judged from the aspects of problem significance, contributions, originality, correctness, technical strength, quality of presentation, and relevance to the conference attendees. Papers will be accepted with Regular Papers and Short Papers with maximal 8 pages and 4 pages in the final version respectively.
How to Communicate: Questions can be posted on the facebook, QQ or be emailed to
How to be awarded (Best/Honorable/Journal): The best paper and honorable mention papers will be selected based on the scientific quality of the paper. CyberC encourages the participation of students and the best student paper will be selected from the papers where the first author is a student.
Best paper/honorable are initially selected by the initial reviewing scores of the initial manuscripts. The final evaluation will be based on the Camera-ready version of the papers from the aspects of scientific novelty, contributions, challenges, theoretical analysis, simulation or experimental results. CyberC maintains the integrity and fairness of the selection process.
The journal paper recommendation is also based on the Camera-ready version. For the journal recommendation, at least one author should present his work on the conference. 

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