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CyberC– International Conference on Cyber-enabled distributed computing and knowledge discovery –is to promote the research and collaborationon in the relevant areas
Scope: The CyberC scope includes Cyber-enabled big data and knowledge discovery, distributed and parallel computing, clouds, cyber security, pervasive computing, mobile computing, Internet of Thing, wireless networks, cognitive systems, wireless communications, cyber physical systems, information discovery, e-health via a cyber network, e-science, web technology, and cyber apps/tools. 
CyberC 2015: The 7th CyberC focuses on all aspects of distributed computing, communications, security, knowledge mining, and mobile computing, including but not limited to:
    Big Data and Information Discovery
    Mobile Computing, Internet of Things
    Cloud, Apps and Services, and their Security
     Wireless Communications and Networks (5G, Sensor, Cognitive Networks, Mesh,etc.)
    Security for Networks, Communications, Applications, Collaborations
    Parellel and Distributed Computing 
Xi’an: The7th CyberC will be hold in Xi’an, China, where is famously known for “China's Most Honorable City,”and “The Terra Cotta Warriors”, registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Workshops: CyberC 2015 will include four workshops:

SDN&NFV Workshop 2015: The 1st workshop on Software Defined Network & Network Function Virtualization

Big Data Workshop 2015: The 3rd International Workshop on Big Data

Security Workshop 2015: The 4th workshop on Cyber Security and Privacy

Smart Sensor Workshop 2015: The 4th workshop on Smart Sensor Networks


Publications: Accepted and presented papers will be included into the IEEE Conference Proceeding for publication in the IEEE Computer Society CPS (Conference Publising Services) and submitted to the IEEE Xplore and CSDL. You can find the CyberC 2014 publication at the IEEE Library, EI Database, and Google Scholar. You can also find all the publications from 2009 to 2013.

Tour: A group tour for CyberC participators to the world’s largest Samsung semiconductor foundry.

Previous CyberCs: CyberC 2014 includes comprehensive topics in the area of cyber-enabled computing. The conference includes a number of sessions and some of them are Distributed and Cloud Computing; Collaboration, Architecture, and System; Encryption, Confidentiality, and Assurance; Design, Implementation, and System Management; Smart Sensor Networks; Big Data and Algorithms; Authentication, Key, Privacy and Security; Algorithms and Efficiency; Wireless Network and Communications; Network, Services, and Mobile Computing. In addition to these sessions, 15 keynotes and one tutorial are delivered on October 10 and 11, 2014 as below:
October 10, 8:00-12:00 Speech:
1.  Practice of Big Data in CETC, Presented by Jerry Xie, China Electronic Technology  Corporation (CETC);
2.  Business, Math, Technology - Best Combination for Big Data, Presented by Lei Li, Huawei, China;
3.  Strategic Implementation of Big Data in the Financial Services Industry, Presented by Daniel Wu, HP Enterprise Group, USA;
4.  Flash to Shed Light on Big Data, Presented by  Jeonghan Kim, Samsung, Korea;
5.  Development and Standardization of 5G in the Big Data Era, Presented by Prof. Jiangzhou Wang, University Of Kent, UK;
6.  Security and Privacy considerations in Big Data Infrastructure, Presented by MakeshKannayian, Tech Mahindra;
7. The Fusion of BIG DATA, DPI and NFV, Inspires the Carrier's Network Architecture and Operation Model, Presented by Zhigang Ye, Wuhan GreeNet, China;

October 10, 1:00-6:00 Speech:
8. Global Resource Utilization in the Internet of Things, Presented by Prof. HossamHassanein, School of Computing at Queen's University, Ontario, Canada;
9. Delay-Aware Big Data Collection Strategies for Sensor Cloud Services, Presented by Dr. Chi-Tsun (Ben) Cheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China;  
10. Do Big Data Algorithms Beat Instinct in Hiring? Presented by Jean (Yujing) Liu and Steven Grover, Comrise, USA;
11. Big Data Security, Privacy and Fusion, Presented by Bin Xie, CEO, InfoBeyond Technology, USA;
12. Next Internet Evolution: Getting insights from the Internet of Things, AlokSrivastava, Microsoft, USA;
13. Big Data Security, Privacy and Fusion – Technology, Production, Applications, and Markets, Presented by Bin Xie, InfoBeyond, USA.
October 11, 8:00-12:00 Speech:
14. Global Resource Utilization in the Internet of Things, Presented by Professor Hossam Hassanein, Queen's University, Canada
15. Data Science in Telecom Applications, Chung-Min Chen, iconectiv, USA
16. Tutorial: Big Data Opportunities and Challenges, Presented by Professor Anup Kumar, University of Louisville, USA
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