Welcome to the 9th CyberC, Nanjing, China!
Call for Papers

CyberC promotes the in-depth exploration of the most recent research and development findings in the field of big data, distributed computing, clouds, cyber security, pervasive computing, mobile computing, Internet of Things, and other cyber-relevant technologies. CyberC welcomes the participation of the industry to showcase and commercialize their relevant technology and products. Scientists, engineers, and students in the areas are encouraged to get involved.  You are cordially to submit your original papers in the following topics, but not limited to:

Big Data and Information Discovery

     • Big data algorithms, models, and systems for big data
     • Machine learning and Artificial intelligence for big data 
     • Big data hardware and software design, middleware and analytics
     • Hadoop, Storm, Spark, and other big data analytic tools
     • Massive data streaming, scalable computing, big data task deployments
     • Cloud and high performance computing for big data
     • Big data retrieval, storage, query, communications, and database 
     • Big data preservation, filter, provenance, and assurance
     • Big data security, protection, integrity and privacy standards and policies
     • Graph mining and opinion mining, and distributed data mining
     • Big data streaming, multimedia, stream, or web mining
     • Big data applications, image/multimedia data management 
     • Database for Big data, Big Data on social network analytics
     • Security and information assurance for Big Data

Cyber and Distributed Computing

     • Authentication, trust, privacy and other Cyber security issues
     • Parallel and distributed algorithms, resource allocation, load-balance, andmanagement 
     • Cloud computing, mobile cloud, mobility-aware cloud data/streams 
     • SOA, web services, and mobile services (software, infrastructure, platform as a service)
     • Web services and internet computing
     • Web-caching, content delivery systems and data distribution systems
     • Distributed systems and applications, modeling language, and software engineering
     • Pervasive/ubiquitous computing and intelligence

5G and Mobile Computing 

     • Wireless ad hoc networks, wireless mesh networks, networking theory and algorithms
     • Wireless embedded sensor systems, body sensor, new sensing capabilities & security
     • Cognitive radio and SDR
     • Future generation communications for 5G or 4G beyond (WiMAX, LTE)
     • Peer-to-peer network computing and overlaying networks
     • Directional antenna and networking
     • FDMA/OFDMA modulations, synchronization, and power optimization
     • Mobile IP and Internet technology
     • Key, attacking models, privacy, confidentiality & security in mobile wireless networks
     • Communication, services, middleware, and multimedia on wireless networks
     • QoS, reliability, performance, and communication theory
     • Wireless network simulations, implementation, and applications

Cloud Computing and Mobile Clouds

     • Autonomic, real-time and self-organizing clouds
     • Architectural models for public and private cloud computing
     • Cloud resource management and allocation
     • Utility models and service pricing
     • New parallel / concurrent programming models for cloud computing
     • Scientific computation and other applications in the cloud
     • Mobility modeling, management and measurement for mobile clouds
     • Mobile multimedia content delivery, transferring, and migration 
     • Content delivery networks using storage clouds 
     • User Experience and Cyber Security
     • Performance evaluation, measurement and optimization
     • Communications and network security 
     • Information security, software security, system security, or applied cryptography 
     • Tools, test-bed, simulations, and experimental environments  
     • Collaborative and cooperative environments
     • QoS, Autonomic, reliability, and fault-tolerance

If you have any questions on the topics, please email us to Papers@cyberc.org.